Preventing Cyber Stalking

Cyber Stalking takes place on various forms of the internet. These particular stalkers threaten individuals whether it is in a blog, email, chat rooms, or social net working websites.   Cyber Stalking is not specific to women stalking men or to men stalking women.  Although, more men are prone to be Cyber Stalkers.  These stalkers are potentially more threatening and aggressive than most.  They refuse to give little empathy and remorse due to the anonymity of the Internet. This makes them unlikely to give up (Anderson, 1.)

That is why I am here to provide advice on how to prevent Cyber Stalking all together. This blog is intended to help teens and young men and women. If you have fell victim to this unruly mechanism I am giving you tips on how to stop it. I thought to myself what a better way to provide this advice than to go to the source itself, blogs whom are written by bloggers. (Those are subject to become victims.)

I would like to share a horrific story with you. Cases may not always be this serve or may be worse. I want this picture to be painted in your mind so you can be well aware of this serious dilemma. Kathy Sierra was a prominent blogger who received online threats of violent sexual acts and murder by her Cyber Stalker. She had become so terrified from what had took place that she canceled an upcoming speaking engagement and took a hiatus from blogging (Brandel, 1.) That’s right she stopped doing something she truly enjoyed because of the severity involved. She was too afraid to continue on in a few aspects.

Sierra is not the only one that has endured in online harassment.  The level of this type of abuse has been distressingly constant. According to the blog search engine Technocrat Inc. there are more than seventy million blogs online today and an average of 1.4 new blogs created every second(Brandel, 2.) Each of you who enter the blog environment whether it is for business or pleasure needs to be very aware of these individuals.  They get satisfaction by strongly disrupting online communities. It is important that users understand cyber stalkers so if they are subject to encounter online abuse they will have an idea of what they are facing and how to respond to it.

Cyber Stalkers make comments with the intent to offend or provoke others. Often they target new bloggers who are more prone to take offense.  It is seen frequently that they utilize their own self-worth in relation to how much of a reaction they can obtain. Cyber Stalkers have characteristics such as being malicious, repetitious, premeditating, vengeful, obsessive, and threatening in a way victims fear for their safety. They also usually disregard warnings to stop while their ahead (Brandel, 3.)

Here are 6  tips that will be useful if you ever encounter this bind:

1.)    Fight Back! Victims often feel as if they have very little say. In regards to legal matters or technology to stop the abuse. However, there are things bloggers can do to avoid this harassment. They can report to the administration of the site or to law enforcement if necessary. If you are in need of immediate assistance call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at: 1-800-799-SAFE. is the website for National Domestic Violence. This is also a useful tool.

2.)    Know the Cyber Stalkers Avoid being deceived by them in the first place. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT trust anything you receive or read without verifying it through reliable and known sources. Always ignore postings or private emails that appear suspicious.  Remember, they want to evoke you in some way or another so by any means don’t “fall for their trap.”

3.)    Don’t Feed into Them Cyber Stalkers similar to bullies feed into your reaction. Under NO circumstance should you acknowledge the stalker. Don’t give them the gratification no matter how disturbing. It isn’t worth it.

4.)    MAINTAIN Your Privacy NEVER publish information that is personal such as your address or phone number. Adolescents often partake in doing so without thinking of the consequences.  It is not worth it. The consequences resulting in doing so can be very serious. You need to protect yourself from this crazy world we live in today!

5.) Be sure to have a plan for you and your loved ones. If the threats escalate, you need to make sure somehow, some way you will remain safe.

6.)    Be Sure to Keep a LOG Keep everything and anything you receive from a stalker. You to be prepared to provide anything you have to put this to an end. When charges are pursued and an investigation take place this log will be vital.

Prepare yourself from the possibility of becoming a target because you never know, it could happen to you. Now you know what you can do if it does. This issue has only gotten worse as time has progressed. So it is time we take a stand against it before it is too late!

This Youtube video is another example of a woman who endured in being stalked on the internet. It has some very good points.


Anderson, Wayne. “Cyber Stalking (Cyber Bullying)-Proof and Punishment .” National Center: Victims of Crime (2003): 1-7. Web. 13 Mar 2011.

Brandel, Mary. “Blog Troll and Cyber Stalkers: How to Beat Them.” Computer World (2007): 1. Web. 20 Feb 2011.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This woman sums up exactly how I feel and what i am experiencing presently.

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